HE.R.O - a game made with surgical precision

HE.R.O - a game made with surgical precision


In the world of board games, there's an incredible array of choices for enthusiasts. However,  HE.R.O: The Emergency Room has a special story to itself. What makes this game truly exceptional is not only its immersive gameplay but also the boundless dedication and passion poured into its creation by our designer, Rob. As the publisher, Eely River Games, we are proud to share the story of how this game came to life.

Crafting Excellence: Rob's Remarkable Journey

HE.R.O is the brainchild of Rob, a gifted surgeon who decided to blend his two lifelong passions - medicine and board games. The outcome is HE.R.O, a board game that not only offers thrilling gameplay but also allows players to step into the high-pressure world of an emergency room.

A World Inspired by Reality

What sets HE.R.O apart from the rest is its unique approach to character creation. Virtually every playable character and NPC featured in the game is inspired by real individuals, including Rob's esteemed colleagues. These characters are more than just game pieces; they are an embodiment of the dedication and expertise that real medical professionals bring to their work.

Immerse Yourself in the ER

HE.R.O provides an unparalleled gaming experience, immersing players in the chaotic yet rewarding realm of an emergency room. The game mechanisms are meticulously designed to simulate the real challenges faced by medical professionals, from making crucial diagnoses to performing life-saving procedures. Rob's attention to detail ensures that every move you make echoes the real-life decisions made by emergency room doctors.

Real Medical Expertise

Beyond the character inspiration, HE.R.O also incorporates authentic medical knowledge. Rob's dedication to the craft is evident in his inclusion of real medical procedures, terminology, and challenges. As you navigate the game, you'll not only have a blast but also gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate world of medicine.

A Project of Passion

HE.R.O is not just a board game; it's a labor of love. Eely River Games is honored to have been a part of Rob's journey in bringing this game to life. His passion for surgery and board games shines through in every aspect of HE.R.O. From the painstakingly crafted characters to the well-researched medical content, this game represents a true marriage of dedication and creativity.


HE.R.O: The Emergency Room is far more than just a board game; it's a game born from the passion and expertise of a real-life surgeon, Rob. Through HE.R.O, we invite players to embark on a thrilling and educational adventure into the world of emergency medicine. Whether you're a seasoned board gamer, a medical professional, or someone who appreciates innovation and dedication, HE.R.O is a game that you absolutely must experience.

As Eely River Games, we take pride in bringing this exceptional game to your tabletop. HE.R.O is a testament to the incredible journey undertaken by its creator, Rob. Get ready to become a hero in the emergency room – your journey begins here.


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