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Two brothers who want to share their passion for board games with the world

The Trash Game

Our next project - The Trash Game

The trash business is booming and every player wants to get filthy rich. Bribe the city council, pimp up your garbage truck and dump as much waste as possible to become the new king of the dumpster!

Coming to Gamefound in 2024.

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Upgrade your board game experience 

  • The story of Eely River Games

    When we, Rob and Peter, grew up, we used to play boardgames a lot. Almost everyday. As brothers do, we played highly competitive and we would fight about the games, rules, cheating all the time. So it was only natural that we started to create our own rules to existing board- and card games to add some twists to the stories.

  • Fast forward 25 years...from creating own rules to existing games, in these years we developed the first small ideas for our very own games. Needless to say with a lack of experience in everything we didn't bring a single game to a higher point then sketches on paper and imagination.

  • During some months of 2020 and 2021 we were able to use the newly available time to get into details with HE.R.O. For the first time we were able to create a game that made it through testing, design and finally a prototype. The upcoming launch of HE.R.O means that we needed to start a board game company.